Psalms – I Will Worship You

Did you know that God loves to hear you sing?

No wonder people in all places and all cultures love music. It links the physical to that indefinable spiritual place of soul-repose. Sung rightly through God’s spirit, God’s people can commune with the Creator through a worship more intimate than words alone can express.

The Book of Psalms was written to that end. A compilation of 150 poems of praise and worship written by David and many other authors, each entry offers insight into God’s heart and the grandeur of His glory. They trace His faithfulness through history, highlighting His compassion for His people. Some request God for forgiveness, while others call for God to punish the guilty. Others simply adore the One who has cared for them since before the creation. All of them unmask the human soul, drawing us close to our Maker in honest humility and adoration.

As we read and engage the words, our hearts join in songs sung by the faithful all through the ages, even into heaven. Suddenly, the usual self-absorption of human existence vanishes in the light of God’s glory and goodness. Exposing our sin, His truth bends our knees in humbling submission and confession, and sets our souls free through complete oneness with our God.

In Psalms, we find the traces of Paradise otherwise lost in our darkened world. The closeness and fellowship Adam felt in the garden can grow again in us as we return thanks and praise to the One who has always deserved it. Sin’s grip gives way to grace as it sings through our souls, turning our minds away from Satan’s lies and back to the truth. Song is one of God’s greatest tools to set captives free and stay our minds on His sufficiency and Spirit who mightily works within each one of His people.

Don’t wait for the rocks to cry out. Sing back to God the song of love He sings over you!

What is significant about Psalm 119. Notice the headings between each 8 verses. What are they?

What does God reveal to you through the Psalms?

Do you sing praises to the Lord?

How do the Psalms relate to your life?