Nehemiah – His Praying Heart

The look on his face gave it away. Nehemiah, prominent Persian official and cupbearer to the king couldn’t conceal his concern, and the king had to know. What was the source of this heart sadness?

Nehemiah’s thoughts turned immediately to his homeland. He had heard reports of how Jerusalem still lay in ruins, large holes gaping in the city walls. The few Israelites who had returned years earlier to rebuild the temple remained in danger—and shame—over their failing heritage. How could Nehemiah enjoy his position of power, the pleasures of the palace, while God’s own city lay in ruins? Before he had even uttered the words, Nehemiah prayed. God, make him understand. Help him to see.

And God did. The king responded with miraculous grace and mercy, supplying Nehemiah with supplies, an entire army, and all the authority he’d need to carry out his plan. Encouraged by God’s obvious intervention, Nehemiah rallied God’s remaining children together to rebuild Jerusalem’s wall—and they eagerly agreed to help.

But as often what happens in the midst of good, evil attacked. Fellow Jews and outside nations were threatened by the growing strength and power of God’s people and ranted against their efforts. Endless taunting and threats would have weakened the men’s resolve, but Nehemiah turned again to his One source of strength. Through prayer and petition, Nehemiah asked God to come to their defense. And God did, again. Empowering His people, within a record 52 days, the entire wall of Jerusalem stood repaired and whole—a testimony to God’s mighty power to unite and rebuild a people for His name.

Nehemiah’s story reminds God’s people about the power of prayer. No matter where we go or what we do, God’s children enjoy immediate access with the King of kings, the One powerful enough to sway men’s hearts and silence all who oppose Him.

What holds you back from asking for God’s help?

Why was Nehemiah sad? Read Nehemiah 1.

What did Nehemiah do? Read Nehemiah 2-3.

How does Nehemiah’s character relate to you?

Are you trusting and depending on God in your life?