Matthew – Promises and Fulfillment

Prophet after prophet had predicted it. Every page in Israel’s long history pointed to it. Now Matthew—also known as Levi, disciple of Jesus—had witnessed the fulfillment. God’s kingdom had come to earth, and Jesus, the long-awaited King, tied every thread of history’s hope together with miraculous precision. It was Matthew’s intent to help others see the connection, to draw the lines between the prophetic dots of the Old Testament so that they could see the full, completed picture of God’s infinite plan of salvation found only in His Son, Jesus Christ.

But there was one problem. Most of the Jews had missed the great event. Heavily burdened by Roman oppression and rule, Jews fervently believed that God’s promised Messiah would deliver them from enemy hands, just as He had done through Moses in Egypt so many years ago. Unaware of their spiritual captivity, the Jews set their gaze on physical emancipation only—and Jesus didn’t suit their limited vision of success.

So Matthew adjusted the lenses.

Referring to the Old Testament at least 130 times, he meticulously showed how the events of Christ’s birth, ministry, death, and resurrection fulfilled each one of the prophecies made about Him from Scriptures long ago. Using Jesus’ own words and miracles as further evidence, he demonstrated how God’s kingdom, brought through His Son, had a radically different look and purpose than the Jews had ever supposed. God had brought an even better deliverance, one that would extend to include anyone who sought refuge in His Son. Best of all, Jesus would return to earth as the triumphant king and Savior of His people, ready to judge and end evil while saving all of His redeemed for eternal life with Him.

Matthew’s perspective helped his fellow Jews—and the rest of the world—to plainly see the truth about Christ that had been hidden in ages past. What God had promised, Jesus fulfilled down to the tiniest detail. Indeed, our King has come, but His kingdom isn’t finished. The invitation to truth still remains, and many haven’t heard. God’s people must carry the gospel of Christ to the ends of the earth until the whole world hears and sees the glory of God in His Son, Jesus Christ.

Who was Matthew and why did God choose him?

Initially, what was the other disciples reaction about Matthew? Why?

What does Matthew want us to know about Jesus?

What is the Great Commission? Read Matthew 28:16-20.

What is God is calling you to do?