Habakkuk – You’re Using Them?

What was God up to these days?

Habakkuk wanted to know. As His prophet who shared God’s heart and burden for His people, he asked God, Himself, for an explanation. Lord, your people pervert justice and promote violence. It’s really awful down here. Why do you let their sin go unanswered? Habakkuk essentially prayed.

He wasn’t prepared for the answer. You wouldn’t believe the work I’m doing in your days, Habakkuk, God replied. Then He unveiled His plan to use evil Babylon to bring His people to their knees. Under intense, enemy oppression, His people would finally break and return to Him.

Now Habakkuk had another question. Why Babylon? Would a holy God actually use something as evil as the Babylonian nation to redeem His people? Habakkuk was incredulous. Then God helped him see.

God’s supremacy knows no bounds. He works through unbelieving hearts as well as His own people’s to accomplish His will. Every circumstance in and under heaven bends to His decree. Though God is never the author of evil, even the worst wickedness we could conceive can be turned in God’s hand toward eternal redemption and glory.

The truth set Habakkuk free. Judah’s impending judgment would not be the end—only the means to God’s ultimate end of reconciliation and joy. Through pain, the people would see their need for a Savior, One whom God had already pledged to send. Though he knew captivity was bitter, Habakkuk could already taste the sweetness of God’s salvation.

Habakkuk’s truth has helped believers through history make sense of Christ’s cross. Such a horrible crucifixion begs the same question, “Would God use man’s worst sin to make way for a beautiful reunion of His people?” Seeing the effects of Christ’s perfect sacrifice, God’s children emphatically answer, “Yes!” God’s wisdom and ways are not our own. They are infinitely better. We can rest in joy and confidence in His divine power and purpose that all things truly do work for the good of those who love God, who are called according to His purpose.

Who was Habakkuk and why did God choose him?

Why was Habakkuk questioning God?

Who was God using to punish His people?

Do you ever question God and what He is doing?

What does Habakkuk teach you about God?