Genesis – The Beginning

Imagine utter darkness. Total emptiness. Complete silence. And then one voice piercing the void.

It happened when God opened His mouth and declared His heart: Let there be light! In one simple command, God’s everlasting power changed everything.

Light flooded the universe, the perfect canvas for His radiant creativity. Billions of stars, planets and galaxies blazed into being. Yet He reserved only one place for His concentrated attention: earth.

With narrowed focus and an artist’s stroke, He brushed water and land into place. Sun, moon and stars rose at his command. More words here, a rush of color there, and soon vegetation and animals filled the land and skies.

It was all good. God said so Himself. But He wanted more. One thing more. He wanted people made in His very own image. People with whom God, the Creator of the universe, could have a relationship. Molding dirt into shape, God breathed His life into man, and Adam awoke—living, thinking, laughing, and loving unlike anything else in all of creation.

But for Adam, one seemed a lonely number. So God made Eve—not out of emptiness or dirt, but from Adam’s own rib. God took the one part from Adam closest to his heart to create a helper who would, in very essence, be one with Adam…and one with God. And God said, “It was very good.”

Genesis is the story where one begins…the one God of the universe creating the one place where God would come to have one-on-one relationships with His people. Of course, Satan and sin entered the picture and severed that unity, bringing pain, death, and despair instead. Like permanent black ink spilled on a beautiful watercolor, the damage seemed irreparable.

But again, God’s voice dispelled the darkness. He told of His Son, the One, true Light of the world who could take away sins’ stain forever. In time, He would come to restore what had been lost. To heal the broken. To make His people one with Him again.

All wasn’t lost. God’s masterpiece of hope had only just begun…

Who was Abraham and why did God choose him?

When you learn about Abraham, how does he relate to your life? Read Genesis 12-25.

What did you learn about Sarah, Hagar, Lot and Isaac?

Do you know that every book of the Bible points to Jesus?

Do you know that you are part of God’s plan and He adores you? It’s true!