2 Samuel – They Wanted A King

Can a person truly love the Lord, pursue God’s glory, and still seriously sin? Better yet, can such a one be forgiven and restored? God, through the Book of 2 Samuel, says, “yes!”

David was a man after God’s heart. Even as a young shepherd boy tending his father’s sheep, he sang and wrote songs to God, bravely trusted Him for protection, and always sought to defend God’s honor. When no one else believed God could spare Israel from the Philistines, David did—and defeated a giant warrior with only a sling and stones.

Through the following years, King Saul chased him like a madman trying to kill David for his popularity and growing power. Yet in honor to God and His established authority, David refused to return harm to Saul, even when he had ample opportunity.

So God gave David the kingdom. Winning Judah initially and eventually Israel’s heart as well, he sat down on his throne as ruler of God’s people. Almost immediately, he sent armies to recapture Jerusalem from enemy hands, and brought back the Ark of the Covenant—the one symbol of God’s presence—to its rightful place in the city, dancing wildly and rejoicing all the way.

No one questioned. David was sold out for God. But then there was Bathsheba, wife of Uriah, another God-fearing man. David, when he should have been off to war, watched her bathe from his rooftop. Before long, he brought her to his own bed where he took her to be his own. Covering sin with sin, he strategized to hide the ensuing pregnancy. When his plan failed, he resorted to murder. And it might have continued had Nathan not confronted him.

What does a godly man do when confronted with his own depravity? He doesn’t hide it, deny it, or excuse it. He simply repents. Deeply and truly as David did, he turned to God and admitted everything. He had sinned against the One he loved and wanted forgiveness. Though God took the life of their baby, God gladly granted forgiveness and full reconciliation.

David’s story reminds us that God has simplified our struggle against sin through His grace. Though we still fall even as redeemed believers, through repentance Jesus brings us fully back to Him as one. It is not the impressive performer God seeks. It’s the broken and contrite heart He will not despise.

Why did the Israelites want a king? Read 1 Samuel 8-10.

Who was David? Read 1 Samuel 16 -20, 2 Samuel 2, 2 Samuel 5 and 2 Samuel 7.

What was King David’s sin? 2 Samuel 11.

How does King David’s lineage relate to Jesus? Read 1 Matthew.

Did God forgive David? What must we do to be forgiven from our sins? Read 1 John 1:9.