2 Chronicles – Looking At The Temple

Israel’s saga continued in Solomon, David’s successful son. Crowned his successor just days before David’s death, Solomon reigned over all of Israel in wisdom and peace. But the bliss wouldn’t last. Toward the end of his rule, Solomon lost his singular vision and served foreign gods, too. Subsequently, most of Israel’s rising kings followed suit until the nation found itself first divided, then conquered by enemies.

Throughout the dark history of Israel’s divided kingdom, one truth shined out: God never forgot His people. Like stars against a black night sky, a handful of Judah’s kings tried to smoother the sin of idolatry eating away at God’s people. Ultimately, their own treachery and disobedience destroyed the peace with God and prosperity they enjoyed under David’s reign. Yet in spite of His people’s failures and the unavoidable consequences of their sin, God relentlessly worked through a remaining of His followers and even their captors to usher in the hope He had planned all along.

1 Chronicles’ theme of God’s awesome supremacy rang just as loudly through the second book. God stood true to the ones who clung to Him, no matter how thick the evil was around them. In return for their love and loyalty, God continued to lead even in their places of exile—then through prophets and priests, but later through the final reign of Jesus Christ, His Son. Having established David’s throne forever through Christ’s loving sacrifice and resurrection, God silenced every evil accusation pointed at His people. God alone reigns supreme even over sin and death. He has always been the One hope for humanity.

Who was Solomon and what did he do for the LORD?

What did Solomon ask of God?  Read 2 Chronicles 1.

Did Solomon fail God? Read 1 Kings 11.

What would you ask God for?

What happens when we fail the Lord? Read Romans 3:23, 1 John 1:9, and Philippians 4:13.