Luke – The Physician of Order

They were gathered on the hillside, watching their sheep under the sea of stars overhead. Suddenly, an angel appeared, a brilliant surprise in the deep night sky. Shaking, afraid, the lowly shepherds heard the news first: a baby was born in Bethlehem, Savior of the world. Before they could think, the sky erupted with the dazzling radiance of a myriad of angels singing and celebrating the glory of God and hope for the world.

It was a spectacular start to the amazing story Luke felt compelled to tell Theophilus—and anyone else who cared to listen. Though he had not witnessed Christ’s life and ministry first-hand, Luke devoted himself to scrupulous research on what others had seen and heard. What he discovered, he wrote in a letter and God recorded forever.

Surely this God was like no other. In place of pomp and circumstance, Jesus was born in a stable. Instead of partying with the popular, he chose to befriend the poor, sick and outcast. Instead of seeking to be served, Jesus served like a common slave. Love and compassion characterized every miracle, every patient moment he spent with the down-and-out and the desperate. After all, He hadn’t come to heal the healthy, He said. Jesus’ mission was to restore the broken, heal the hurting, and above all, reconcile the lost with the God who loved them most.

Luke, believed to have been a physician, saw the tender, healing touch of Christ in every report he read. But beyond compassion, Jesus Christ served with power—the kind that can only come from heaven. His revolutionary love and absolute authority over sin, sickness, and death combined into a perfect Savior, the One for whom the world had been waiting ever since the first sin in the Garden.

Jesus had come, but His kingdom was not of this world. Watching in horror from a distance, His disciples despaired as Jesus died on His cross. Shock, sadness, and fear paralyzed their very souls. Could One who had such a glorious beginning end in such meaningless tragedy?

Jesus answered their anguish with an empty tomb three days later. As at His birth, angels now announced His resurrection, pointing once hopeless people to a power greater than the grave. The Prince of Peace reigned now and always, the hope for all who seek refuge in Him.

Who was Luke and what is the theme of the Book of Luke? Read Luke 19:10

Who was Zaccheus? Read Luke 19:1-10

What is the Luke 1 tell you?

No matter what you have done in life, Jesus loves you. Do you believe it?

Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus? If not, this is the day to start.