John – In The Beginning Once Again

Jesus had loved him. And He had changed John’s life forever.

Now John was old, having lived a full lifetime in service and devotion to the One who had called him to it. As a man preparing to depart this life, he recorded truth he wanted future generations to know and remember. More than anything, he wanted people to realize and believe who Jesus was.

He didn’t start with the stable story. Instead, he painted the picture of Christ’s sovereignty and deity with broad strokes reaching before time ever began. Jesus, John explains, had always been. With the Father in heaven, He and the Spirit worked as the One God who spoke creation into being. Then, at the right time, Jesus entered into His own handiwork as a baby born to grow, live perfectly, die righteously and rise again eternally to redeem lost sinners and reconcile them to God forever.

Unlike the other gospels, John doesn’t bother with listing events in chronological order. Instead, John’s narrative concentrates on over-arching themes to help others see the big picture behind all the miraculous details that unfolded through Christ’s ministry. Using contrasts to illustrate spiritual differences, John spoke in terms of light and darkness, truth and error, love and hate, and belief and unbelief. Taking a deeper look into Jesus’ relationships with people and prayers to His Father, John takes us further into the Father’s heart as we see it beat so strongly in Christ’s personal connections with others.

As he explained Christ’s claims backed by His supernatural power and divine compassion, readers are compelled to choose. To know about Jesus is not enough. Who do we really believe that He is? More than that, will we back our belief with obedient submission? By drawing such sharp contrasts, John showed that true faith never settles on middle ground. Christ’s divine call demands whole-hearted devotion, the kind John, himself, displayed throughout his life.

What are the first three words in the book of John? Read John 1:1. How does it relate to Genesis 1:1?

What is the theme of the book of John? Read John 20:31.

What does John want you to know about Jesus? Read John 8:58, John 14:6.

Do you know the way, the truth and the life?

Do you believe Jesus is Lord?