1 Corinthians – Sin Within The Church

If you feel like the church had a cleaner history in the past than it has in our day, think again.

Sin is not a modern phenomenon. It’s a condition that has plagued humanity since the Garden, with its impact reaching every corner of the world. Believers, and the churches they form, do not escape its grasp. Though we are declared righteous in God’s sight the moment we come to faith in Christ, Christians still struggle with sin until death ends it, and our holy standing becomes united with new, perfected bodies. Until that great day, however, the church remains filled with Christians who long to follow Christ, but often fail as they fight the sin within.

The church in Corinth was no different. Paul had established the group during his second missionary journey, following a visit to Athens where he argued the gospel’s logic. Convinced from his experience that man’s pride hinders his reception of God’s simple truth, he emphasized to the Corinthians the preeminence of Jesus Christ and His power alone to save and heal.

Fully focused on the Corinthians’ issues, he wrote the first letter to address the divisive pride, disorder, theological error and moral extremism that threatened to tear this fledgling church apart. Both reports about the church and a letter they had sent Paul outlining their questions became the framework he used to address their specific problems.

Already, some believers were setting themselves up as more spiritual—and important—than others, weakening the entire church’s unity. Some were abusing sacraments, while others explored the extremes of moral laxity or rigid adherence to religious rituals. In addition, issues of divorce, idolatry, and spiritual gifts along with a proper order of worship confused the new Christians. And some even complained that Paul wasn’t qualified to address any of it.

But God had called and equipped Paul to lead the churches in truth. He penned 1 Corinthians to subdue the prideful, right the wrong teaching, and reunite a church that sin had divided. His insight into God’s call to love and service simplified the difficulties and pointed Christians even today to the truth we must walk in if we want to please God.

Who told Paul about the quarrels happening in the church of Corinth? Read 1 Corinthians 1:11.

What was Paul’s purpose in writing 1 Corinthians?

What does Paul tell us in 1 Corinthians 9:24-27?

What is love? Read 1 Corinthians 13:4-6.

How are we to love others?

Are you standing firm in your faith?